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 It has been 90 years ago when a mere handful of enthusiastic Karyatans (Arahovitans) composed of Peter P. Leventis, Sr., Chris P. Leventis, Nicholas S. Trakas, Andrew S. Trakas, Nicholas Kaperonis, Panos N. Kaperonis, Paraskevas N. Diamaduros, Constantine N. Kaperonis and Paraskevas Il. Meintanis, with Theodore Angelakos and George Coclin from Agios Petros, first met in a standing discussion which took place during the baptism ceremony of Pedro N.Trakas, a Karyatan of the new generation, in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

This small group later in the day held its first unofficial meeting in the P. P. Leventis home at Gastonia, North Carolina, and agreed upon the foundation of a Brotherhood which was then hoped that it would unite and cordinate the efforts of all Karyatans in the United States and Canada for the relief of our suffering kinfolks in Karyae.

It was then decided to invite all the Karyatans of the Southern states to a mass meeting at Gastonia, North Carolina, to found this Brotherhood, approve its bylaws and with the election of its first Board of Directors to begin its benevolent mission.

This mass meeting was held on September 9, 1923 in the Sweetland Candy Kitchen of Gastonia, North Carolina, with 32 Karyatans in attendance. Ever since that memorable day, our Adelphotis has been an unbroken record of service and self-sacrifice, of benevolence and brotherly love which has been an inspiration to the present banner bearers who are now carrying on the worthy mission of the Brotherhood with unprecedented success.

It is symbolic indeed, that the baptism of one of the new generation should have been the occasion for the first group to meet, thus sanctifying the ties of the older to the younger generations which are now taking up and carrying on the mission. It is symbolic that the Adelphotis Arahoviton in its 90th Anniversary has reached the pinnacle of its success in membership and the attainment of its objectives for which it was founded.

The 90th Anniversary of Adelphotis Arahoviton "Karyae" has been dedicated in memory of our Founders and all members that have departed to the Great Beyond, also in honor of the surviving members, who have placed their Faith and Trust in the Brotherhood of Adelphotis. May the memory of our Founders and deceased members be eternal. May the surviving members of this great organization enjoy the best of health, prosperity and happiness with their families so they can continue and carry on their work of personal sacrifice for the betterment of Adelphotis with Brotherly Love in this Great Land of Liberty, The United States of America.

May God Bless America, Greece and all members and friends of Adelphotis Arahoviton "Karyae", as we celebrate the 90th Anniversary of our beloved organization.

Bessie Poulos Vastis
President of Adelphotis Arahoviton Karyae

4427 Linwood Road, Gastonia, NC 28052

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